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Primordial is a universe of planes, mecha, people, angels and anything else I come up with while I'm drinking, as of typing this Primordial is being written up in episode format because I don't have the attention span required to write a full novel, so while I'm doing that I'm using my skills as a game developer (in training) to model the scene and assets from the story and put it all down in here so everything is in order and makes sense to both you and me.

Primordials main story kicks off many years after an alien ship crashes on Mars, and Ends World War III, the technology is used to rebuild the giant ship now called the Main Battle Fortress - One - Pioneer. Along with upgrading the Earth's space fleet and all her fighters. We follow Rose Flairr and James Harper Jnr. as they find themselves in galactic war trying to save themselves, their ships and Earth. So enjoy reading the Primordial wiki, try not to get lost.

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