The Halberd Light Fighter was created using technology recovered from the crashed MBF-1 Pioneer on Mars. Sharing a design similar to that of the Lancer Fighter, the main difference being the Halberd does not have the mechanisms required for modular transformation.

First flight-tested by Samantha Flairr, in conjunction with the UFG Midway carrier. Although the prototype was destroyed, it was singlehandedly able to take out three flight squadrons of F-14S fighters deployed by the AGA. After the first battle of Midway, the Halberd was deployed as the frontline fighter for the UFG. With many different varients being deployed and being the base for the Lancer project.

One famous Halberd squadron from before the 'War Of The Primordials' was Ghost Squadron, helmed by Captain James Harper Snr. When the Sagi-Shi scout force attacked, during the second battle of Midway, Ghost squadron was able to take out the two enemy cruisers but all pilots except Captain Harper died, including his wife Miranda Harper. Leading to Harper to take on the callsign of Ghost, and for the next to years flying a modified Halberd until the Battle of Fort Bragg were he took the prototype Lancer to Sacrifice himself to give the Pioneer a chance to break orbit.

The Pioneer had hundreds of Halberds aboard when it took off, with the capability of manufacturing more.

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